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(c) 2002 Niklas Peinecke, peinecke@gdv.uni-hannover.de

font2svg, an all font to svg-font converter.

font2svg can convert any font GhostScript is capable of rendering into an SVG-font. This includes all PostScript fonts, GhostScript's own format and almost all TrueType fonts. You may want to hand-edit the generated font to add font-style information.

usage: font2svg fontname input-file output-file

fontname specifies the name the font should be given in the svg-font. input-file can be any font ghostscript is able to render (.pfa, .pfb, .gsf, .ttf). Some TrueType-fonts (type 2) may not work.

example: font2svg "Utopia-Roman" /usr/share/teTeX-1.0.7/share/texmf/fonts/type1/adobe/utopia/putr8a.pfb Utopia-Roman.svg

Requirements: You need a working installation of GhostScript, the executeable should be named "gs".

Currently only a Unix-Version is available, but conversion to Windows should be easy (only a batch-script has to be provided). Contact me if you have written a working version.

download 1.0 (recommended)
download 0.1.5
download 0.1.4
download 0.1.3
download 0.1.2
download 0.1.1
download 0.1

A modified version of font2svg is used inside DviSvg by Rudolf Sabo.